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Thursday, 7 March 2013


She didn’t want to talk about Keith, even to Luke, because she was superstitious.  She didn’t believe her good luck would last, especially if she talked about it.  The last time she had tried to have a boyfriend, her father had punished her by beating her up before raping her.  And anyway, what was there in fact between her and Keith?  He was gay.  He was kind to her and he liked her but in the end he was gay.  She had to accept that.  He was attracted to men, not women.  And yet … she couldn’t get the memory of his hard-on brushing against her as they danced.  If he was gay, why had he responded like that to their dancing?  Didn’t you have to be one or the other?  Straight or gay?  And if you didn’t, would he be faithful to her?   Could he be?  She would shake her head here, as her mind scurried along these familiar paths, because he wasn’t her “boyfriend”.  He was a friend.  No more. 
But she must have been more revealing than she realised because it wasn’t long before Luke guessed. 
“You are quite keen on that Keith, aren’t you?”
“Oh, rubbish!  We’re just friends.”
“Yeah, right.”
Esmé didn’t answer.    After waiting a few moments for her response, Luke said, “He’s gay, isn’t he?”
“Yes.”  Esmé refused to look at him.
“Ezz … don’t trust bisexuals.”
“I’m not trusting him!” she snapped, stung.
“Ezzaloona, I … don’t want you to get hurt.”

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