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Wednesday, 27 February 2013


Moonlight Cocktail replaced In The Mood from the band, drifting across the brick walls, muted but still audible. 
“Shall we dance?” asked Keith. He took her into his arms, resting his hand lightly on her back. They revolved slowly around the tiny courtyard in silence.
She felt safe in the cradle of his arms.  He smelt of Brut aftershave; of sweat and day-old shirt; brandy on his breath.  She could feel his erection pressed against her.  It didn’t feel threatening or disagreeable.  It didn’t remind her of her father.  It was … lovely.
When the melody stopped, he held her for a moment longer and took her back to the bench.  Once again they sat at either end.
“Sorry ‘bout that,” he said.
“Don’t be,” she murmured.
“I have no right.”  He was silent while he sipped his brandy.  “I’m poz.”
She knew at once what he was talking about.
“Oh,” she replied in a small voice.  All at once she was overcome with sorrow.  She felt like weeping at the pain of life, at all the horrors and suffering and pain.  Her own pain was lessened.  She rolled back her sleeves, and showed him the scars on her forearms.

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