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Wednesday, 27 February 2013


A shout out to Steve/Patrick for his nice words about my writing, in particular Majorca Flats (since I haven't been writing much else over the last couple of years, unfortunately.)

They're such beauts and so willing to be a different reality than what spawned 'em, I still feel your telling their story of survival, adaptation, and unfettered expression of their various affections makes a difference in the MODAZZ of the age, Nick. You model them as honorable, and whole, and good, if wounded or flawed or having made bad choices or mistakes. Would we all had such a circle of unconditional love...


Your brilliance in telling both the blissful and the debauched sides of the tale is a blessing in MY life, sir. I weep and giggle and bemoan and rejoice as you reveal them to invoke the story. Your addictee in NorCal, Steve/Patrick..... ;-))

Thank you!

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