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Monday, 16 April 2012

Majorca Flats -- 298

Cody didn't reply.
Luigi took Cody's hand in his and squeezed it.
C'mon. We've got an appointment with the doctor.�?
They didn't speak for the rest of the trip into the city.
The doctor they were going to see was in Brunswick. Luigi had to use the map on his mobile phone to find out how to get there. As he parked the car outside the shabby Victorian house where the surgery was, he received a text message.
Let's get together sometime.
What made his blood run cold was that it was from Cody.
The killer still had Cody's mobile and was using it. Did he think that all Cody's contacts were gay? Was he hoping to find a new victim?
He didn't say anything to Cody. Cody had enough to worry about.
But Cody saw something in his expression.
What?�? he asked, concerned.
Nothing. I just felt a bit queasy.�? And in truth, Luigi did feel queasy. His hands were clammy and his armpits soaked; his stomach churned; his heart pounded. He was enraged that a stranger should threaten someone he cared for. And he was terrified. As soon as Cody was out of hearing he would phone the policeman in Macedon and tell him this new development.

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