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Saturday, 14 April 2012

Majorca Flats -- 297

 “You're not queeny!" Cody was fierce. “You're fucking not. You're amazing. You're so strong and resolute and … just fantastic. How can you think you're queeny?"

See? You're doing it too." answered Luigi quietly, watching the bright blotches of distant jet headlights as they came in to land at the airport. “You think because I'm queeny that I can't be strong and all that stuff. You think that a femme bloke is somehow inferior."
No I don't, Lou, love. I don't." Cody looked hurt and alarmed and indignant, all at once, and Luigi felt an urge to laugh.
It doesn't matter, Coads. I was drawn to you from the first because you were so butch and macho and manly. It doesn't matter. But you see, Cody, they don't see me like that. They just don't care about my femme stuff. Keith's a slob. Undies and crisp packets and stuff all over the house. If you just met him on the street or in a café, like, you'd never guess. He comes across as a classic nerdish bloke. He doesn't care how he looks and what he does and stuff. He's just a bloke, as far as he's concerned. And as far as he's concerned I am too. And when he fucks me, he doesn't think, I'm fucking a woman."
I never did, either, with you. Never." Cody spoke so quietly Luigi could barely hear what he said above the whine of a jet taking off overhead.
I know, Coads. But you see, they mean a lot to me, Jason and Keith. They helped me heal after … after what happened between us."

Episodes 1 to 220 (without pictures, 10 episodes per chapter)

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