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Friday, 1 January 2016


Too late, he remembered with shock that the key to the bedroom door was on the outside, not the inside of the door. 

He grabbed his mobile and speed-dialed Jason.  But Jason didn’t answer.  Messagebank started.  “Please leave your message after the tone”.

He managed to say, “Jason, it’s him!  He’s in the flat!” before the bedroom door opened and the killer appeared.

He had a gun in his hand, pointed towards them both.  The really weird thing was that he looked quite normal.  Except for his eyes.  They were cold and empty—and utterly terrifying.

“Get dressed,” he said quietly.  But the soft way he spoke didn’t reassure.  His voice carried real menace.

In silence, they grabbed the clothes they’d dumped on the end of the bed the night before and started dressing.  The killer’s eyes were fixed on Cody, not on Luigi.  Luigi turned his back on the killer, and palmed his mobile into his undies.  He didn’t want a suspicious square bulge in his pants pocket.  He might just get a chance to use his mobile to let people know where they were.

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