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Sunday, 30 March 2014


“Grandam, you remember Keith?”  Keith tried to let go of their hands but neither Jason nor Esmé allowed it.

“Of course I do so kind to pick me up at the airport makes travelling so much better to be met and swept to one’s destination in congenial company and such a dear car reminded me so much of my own youth which in a way is a sad thing and maybe even dreary but I am having so much fun.  Did Jason tell you the news? We are to host Amantha Masterton so exciting I’ve been a fan for years just wait until I tell Parker.”

“Yes, I’d heard,” said Keith gamely, having given up the struggle to pull his hands out of Jason’s and Esmé’s.

“So sorry waffling on like that I do apologize we haven’t been introduced,” this to Esmé.  “I’m Lucasta Ellesmere.  And Jason is my grandson.”

“Oh, we’ve heard all about you,” said Esmé smiling.  “I’m Esmé Kovac.  It’s really pronounced Kovatch because it’s Yugoslav.”

“Oh, my dear, so interesting, my husband was ambassador in Belgrade for 3 years but you know I do find that Australia has so many people from somewhere else which makes everybody so interesting and different.”

Jason introduced Esmé to Eleanor who’d just come in.  As soon as he got the chance, he whispered into Eleanor’s ear, “Do you mind that Keith and Esmé have come?  I didn’t expect them.”

“Oh, no, not at all!  Your friends are always welcome here, my dear.”

“Well, then, do we have enough wine?  When you looked?  I could nip out quickly to the bottle store and buy some.”

“Well, I do think so.  In the pantry.  But they’re dusty.  They’ve been there a while.  I used to have so few parties.  It’s wonderful having these get-togethers.”

“Shall I open a bottle of red?” asked Jason.

“Yes, please do.”

Episodes 1 to 500 (without pictures, 20 episodes per chapter)   

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