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Friday, 7 March 2014


“But you’re one of the de Graves family.  You could’ve gone into politics.  Money, connections, influence.  A name.”

“I thought I’d have to make too many compromises in politics. As for connections . . . well, my uncle might have once been Premier of the state but he’s a Conservative.  In fact most of my family is associated with the Liberals. And I’m not. But mostly, I felt that in the police I’d be able to do more good.  And one day, maybe I can still go into politics.  Join the Greens.”  He grinned.  “That’ll shock the crusty old farts at the Christmas dinner parties at de Graves House!”

“You’ve been wonderful to us. You … helped.  I’ll never forget it.”  Cody’s voice trembled.

“Just part of the job!”  Colin was eager to disclaim any special care and concern.

“The detectives didn’t think so.  They despised us.  You could see it.  Barely veiled contempt.”  Luigi was bitter, angry.

Colin sighed.  “Yep.  There’s still a lot of homophobia in the police.   Well, times change.  And we in them.” He drained the rest of his beer.  “I have to go.  I’ll be in touch.”

“You’re sure you won’t have another?”

“Thanks, but no.  Now remember …”

“Yeah, we know.  We mustn’t go after him ourselves.  We don’t know his name.  You never came here.  And the Pope is Catholic.”

Colin shook his head.  “As long as you mean it!”

“We do,” they assured him. 

As he left, Cody and Luigi shook hands with him again. 

Episodes 1 to 500 (without pictures, 20 episodes per chapter)   

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