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Monday, 25 November 2013


Shaken by his insights, Luigi was silent until they got to their next destination.  Jason isn’t like that, he mused.  And Keith isn’t.  They are glad to be what they are.  Glad to be gay.  Well, Keith was bi, but that wasn’t because he was ashamed of being gay.  It was simply because he was attracted, well attracted to Esmé anyway.   I mustn’t lose them.  Both of us need them.  Because we’re both … broken.  A little, anyway.
Both the next two ‘St Joseph’s’ they visited seemed implausible.  There was a grey Corolla at one, but it had a different number plate to the one they were searching for.
“The first place we went to is the still the best one we’ve seen. I think we should go back.”
Cody nodded.
“But before we do….”
“I’m taking you to a sex shop.”
“You want to be able to be fucked again, right?”
“Yeah.”  Cody’s eyes were gleaming.
“So we’re going to buy some butt plugs and stuff.  A small one, another a bit bigger.  So you can get used to it again.”
Cody smiled suddenly, his eyes bright.  “Good idea,” he said.  He moved his hand down to Luigi’s package, and started caressing and squeezing it.

“Are you mad?  I’m driving!”  But Luigi was grinning.

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