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Saturday, 23 November 2013


They walked down to the church and its school again, and sauntered through the small church car park trying—and failing—to look inconspicuous.  There was no Kombi there and they didn’t see the grey Corolla either.    
“All right, the next place is where?” asked Luigi when they’d got back into the car.
Cody consulted the sheaf of papers he’d stashed on the back seat.  “The nearest is about 5 k’s away.  Near Northcote.”
When they got there, it was an old age home.  And it looked very staid and institutional.  There wasn’t a single person wandering its spacious but dreary grounds. 
“Didn’t you say that the Kombi was kitted out for camping?” asked Luigi. 
“Yeah.  Looked like it.  A little stove, cupboards, a bed.”
“So not really for old people.  I mean, OK, there are some who might go camping, but wouldn’t they want more comfort?  It sounds more like someone, an adult, with, let’s guess, a couple of youngsters along.”
“Yep.”  Cody paused.  “ You know … a boy’s home or a school does sound more likely.  A horrible thought.  What does he do to the schoolboys?”
Luigi’s face hardened.  “Yeah.  But he’s a closeted homo, isn’t he?  I mean, no straight guy would do that.  Cut you and then rape you.  So maybe, he’s …. Maybe he pretends with the boys.  Maybe … not.  There’ve been some horrible things in the church.  Rapes of schoolboys and choirboys.  The newspapers are full of it.”
“We have to nail him, Lou.  I … I know about pretending and stuff.  But …. Jeez, Lou, he was … he was evil.  I didn’t use to believe in that, but … he was.”
“Yeah.  We’ll get him.”  Luigi’s face was grim and hard.  “Come on.  We have two more places to look at and then I want to take you somewhere.”

“You’ll see!”  And Luigi’s smile transformed his face so that the grim anger was only a memory.
Episodes 1 to 460 (without pictures, 20 episodes per chapter)  

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