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Friday, 22 November 2013


They walked up the side road to Smith Street.  There were three second-hand clothing shops in close proximity.  In one, they found a subfusc olive-green cloth cap which fitted Cody.  And wasn’t too icky.
He turned and twisted to try and see what he looked like from each side with it on.
“Suits you!” said Luigi.  And it did. Cody looked even handsomer with the cap on.  The colour enhanced the blue-grey of his eyes and perfectly matched the rich chestnut of his shoulder-length hair.
The op shop had a rack of second-hand leather motorcycle jackets.  The worn ones were cheap.  Cody tried one on, just to see how he looked. 
“We’ll take that too!” decided Luigi. 
Next door to the op shop there was a chemist with a rack of sunglasses. 
“Aviator, for preference,” said Luigi, “with that jacket and the cap.  And they have mirrored lenses...”
They chose a pair each.
“You look very sexy.  And very different!”  Luigi felt all at once an intense desire to fuck Cody.  Then he remembered about the rapes and Cody’s tightness.
“You always look sexy,” replied Cody.  “Even first thing in the morning with dog breath and bird’s-nest hair. Well you did this morning, at any rate.”  It was after all the first time Cody had spent the night.
Luigi wanted to kiss him.  Well.  It was Smith Street.  Counter-cultural.  Different.  Gay-shaded.  So he did.
As their lips parted after a long kiss in which both had grown a little breathless and both had popped boners, he breathed to Cody, “I love you Coads.  I’m so glad you’re safe.”

He could see himself mirrored in Cody’s aviator sunglasses.  Without for one moment forgetting their mission, he felt that the two of them were a team.  And things would be right.

Episodes 1 to 460 (without pictures, 20 episodes per chapter)  

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