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Tuesday, 14 May 2013


Normally, Luigi preferred coffee, but if he drank coffee it had to be of the best.  And he couldn’t make it as well as the cafés on the street.  Tea was different.  Too many cafés used tea-bags instead of leaf tea, and he could make tea with tea-bags just as well and more cheaply at home.  And, anyway, he knew Cody preferred tea.  He took the mugs of tea and a plate of toast with butter through to the bedroom, and set it down on the bedside table.
Cody was still sleeping.  He kissed him on his shoulder.
“Tea?” he asked.
Cody rolled over to face him and opened sleep-drugged eyes.  For an instant fear filled his eyes and then he relaxed.  He smiled. 
“There’s hot buttered toast, too.”
“My favourite,” murmured Cody, stretching and yawning at the same time.
Luigi climbed into bed again.  It was chilly.  Winter was on the way.
After they had sipped their tea and eaten the toast, Cody said, “You know what’s wrong with eating toast in bed?”
“Nothing?” suggested Luigi, moulding himself more closely to Cody’s body.
“Crumbs,” disagreed Cody.  “They go everywhere.”
“I’m sure I can lick you clean,” offered Luigi, his eyes shining black.
“Insatiable!”  Luigi could see that Cody was making a determined effort to be happy, and he felt again melancholic.  He’d been through enough depression himself, and he knew how often one could rise out of the swamp only to be sucked back again.  It struck him that he had so often wished for Cody to return, and now he had, yet he still wasn’t happy, for new problems had arisen.
Trying not to show his sadness, he pulled Cody closer.  They would worry about tomorrow when tomorrow arrived.

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