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Friday, 1 February 2013


When she went back to school the next day and told Sean she couldn’t after all go out with him, she hadn’t told him why.  When she tried to say even something as simple as ‘my father won’t allow it,’ she’d choked up.  She’d almost wept at the way the light went out of his eyes as he realised what she was telling him.  She hadn’t been surprised when he’d avoided her after. 
But it hadn’t stopped her dad.
Her one friend was Luke, a geeky gay loner in her class.  He was fat and embarrassed by it.  No one liked him, and the rugby players and the macho handsome sporty types made his life a misery, plastering his locker with dog shit, cuffing him as he walked past, calling out softly and then in a rising crescendo as he approached, “Beware homo!  Beware homo!  Lukie fagpants.”  She never took him home.  She knew better than that.  But they would meet at the shopping centre, and have an ice cream shake.  Sometimes it was the only thing she ate all day, though it wasn’t the only thing he ate.  Part of her was wryly intrigued that her response to misery was to eat nothing while his was to eat everything, all the time.  Her dad had once found a fold of fat on her while he was fucking her and twisted it hard and called her a fat lesbo fuck and after that she had stopped eating.
Aside from Luke, she had no other friends.
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