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Thursday, 5 June 2014


Keith coloured.  He cast a quick look at Lucasta.  She smiled back benignly.

“Sao ya had a nanny, did ya?” Keith dug at Jason, annoyed at being embarrassed in front of Lucasta whom he rather admired.

“Yeah.  And I learnt French from her.  Dialect.  When I go and stay with her they think I’m a local.”

“Oi never had the chance to learn French,” said Keith mutinously.

“I’m teaching him,” said Esmé, linking her arm through his.

“You learnt something better,” said Jason, “you learnt to survive and yet keep your compassion and love of mankind.”  Ignoring Keith’s discomfited glower, he went on, talking to the others, “You should see him when we get trouble in the bar.  It’s never—hardly ever—bad trouble, but somebody gets a bit overactive sometimes and then Keith gets them back in line.  Amazing.  Just with words.  And a little sarcasm.  Well, sometimes quite a lot of sarcasm.  He hardly ever has to bring out the cricket bat.”

“Oi’ll bring out the cricket bat on you, sunshoin!” said Keith, embarrassed but smiling, too.
“Promises, promises.”  Jason leered at him.

“You must ignore these reprobates, Graeme,” said Esmé.  “They’re just showing off!”

Episodes 1 to 500 (without pictures, 20 episodes per chapter)   

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