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Monday, 2 September 2013


She was wearing a dress, a summer dress, floral and bright in a thin fabric.  He brushed the bottom of the dress up, and gripped her round her hips.  He slipped his hand down the front of her thong and into the warm folds of her body.  He didn’t stop kissing her as her caressed her.  As her body began to respond, her mind was free of any memory of her father.  Ripples of pleasure moved outwards from the focus of his attention, and his tongue in her mouth muddled her mind clearing it of anything but the sensations she was feeling.  She didn’t want him to stop.  But she knew also that she ought to think it through, without this confusion of lust and pleasure and affection. 
“Wait,” she gasped, “I … it’s too nice.”
He stopped at once.  She could see his erection, straining down one trouser leg, his boxers and his chinos useless concealment. 
“Too noice?” He raised his eyebrows in amusement and puzzlement.  “Is that possible?”

She looked into his soft brown eyes, so warm and filled with affection, concern, friendship and love.  The eyes muddled her too.  They turned her decision-making brain to mush.   All she could feel was the intense wish to melt into his arms, to go on kissing, to enjoy again that wonderful sensation of him touching her and pleasuring her.  Loving her.          

Episodes 1 to 460 (without pictures, 20 episodes per chapter) 

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