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Wednesday, 28 August 2013


“I  … I hoped I’d …”
“I’m here, amn’t Oi?”
“Yeah, but …oh, Keith!”
Keith’s accent had strengthened as it always did when he was emotional.  “Oi remember after Tom took mai in.  Oi was grateful—don’t think Oi wasn’t—but Oi wasn’t in love with him.  Oi didn’t even love him, Oi think.  Oi was just a hardened street punk.  But hai was koind to mai.  He wasn’t in love with me, come to think of it.  He felt sorry for mai.  And of course there was sex.  But he was koind.  Moind you, he didn’t put up with any shit from mai.  But he … he showed he cared, that he loiked me for more than my cock and arse.  That he loiked me.  For me.  And ya kanow, Ezz, ya can tell what a man is loike from what he’s loike in bed.  Shows ya what hai’s loike in his heart.”
Esmé thought about that.  Keith had always been kind and caring in bed.  When she’d been unable to make love—like normal people, she thought bitterly—he’d been totally unfazed.  He’d made sure she’d had pleasure in bed. He’d been affectionate and loving.
“Oi love Tom.  And he loves mai.  But he doesn’t mind about you and me.”
“He knows?”  Esmé was furious and embarrassed. 
“Hai’s part of my loife, Ezz.  Of course he knaows.  But only that I’m sweet on ya.”
Esmé looked stricken. 
“Not the details,” Keith added quickly, guessing what Esmé was imagining.  “That’s proivate between you and me.”
Esmé looked at him, doubting.
“Ya think Oi’d tell him about our proivate stuff?  Have Oi taold you anything about him and mai?  What we do?”

“No.  No you haven’t.”  All of a sudden Esmé wondered exactly what they did in bed.  She’d never asked Luke what men did.  But then, he wouldn't know, because he'd never had anyone.  Or had he?  And now she wondered.  What exactly happened with bums and cocks and stuff?  Exactly?

Episodes 1 to 400 (without pictures, 20 episodes per chapter) 

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