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Saturday, 17 August 2013


She showered and dressed.  One of her cuts was still bleeding.  Her guilt and self-loathing over her need to hurt herself added to her depression.  And she would have to tell Luke.  Something, anyway.  Because she and Keith ….
She dragged herself to the uni.  Just because her life was in ruins didn’t mean she had to just give up.  But somehow, the magic had gone out of French.  Instead of something precious and enchanted, it seemed tedious and pointless.  Why bother at all?  But she had to.  She had to have a piece of paper which qualified her for a job.  She couldn’t work at a café for the rest of her life.  Could she?  And that made her remember that she would have to go on working at Don Vittorio’s.  She couldn’t just resign.  She needed the money.  She knew Luke would help her out for a week or two.  But until she had found herself a new job somewhere else, she couldn’t just walk out of the job at the café.  And it was a good job too, by the standards of hospitality.  The owner, a woman, paid her better than minimum wage, and when she’d earned the maximum she could each week before CentreLink would start cutting back her welfare payments, she was paid the rest in cash. She was given responsibility, trusted.  She did a good job, she knew that.  Somebody other than her father and mother appreciated her.  She was important to the owner.  And the owner was nice, too.  And she, Esmé,  made good coffee.
Idiot! she abused herself.  Staying in a place just because you make good coffee there!  You can make good coffee anywhere.  Having made the decision she felt better.  She would look online to see if there were any jobs higher up Brunswick Rd.  Close enough to their house. 
The resolution to action cheered her up a little and she was able to pay attention to the lecturer. 
She was unable to face Luke, so went to a different café for lunch.

And, luckily, she didn’t have to work that evening.

Episodes 1 to 320 (without pictures, 20 episodes per chapter)

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