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Monday, 12 August 2013


Jason fetched another bottle and the wine bottle opener.  He topped up their glasses from the open bottle, and took off his shoes, sitting on the other end of the sofa Keith was sitting on, and put his socked feet into Keith’s lap. 
“So,” he said.  “Esmé?”
“Yeah, well, I loiked her.  I found her sexy, actually, if ya mus’ knaow.” He looked at Jason half defiantly, half guiltily.  Jason opened his hands in a what-would-you gesture, his lifted eyebrows inviting Keith to keep going.
“Yeah, well, some gay blaokes have a fit if ya’re, ya knaow, bi.”
“Well, maybe they’re afraid you’ll leave them and go straight.”  Jason didn’t add that that was his own secret fear.  But even though he was worried, he had faith that he and Keith and Luigi and Cody, and Esmé, too, would be able to sort it out.
“Oh nao, Oi would never do that.  And that was the problem with Esmé.  I main, she knew I was gay …”
“ … somewhat gay …”

“… yeah.  I taold her roight at the beginning.  But … shay fell in love with mai.  And shay’s so vulnerable, Jace, so wounded.  And so fuckin’ noice.  We had a hard toime of it.  And Oi hurt her, aiven though Oi didn’t main to.”

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