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Thursday, 21 February 2013


Brunswick St, by artist Linda Chase

Centrelink allowed student welfare recipients to earn a couple of hundred dollars a week before the allowance was removed.  So Esmé started looking for a job.  Luke had been to The Lord Grey one evening, returning as usual without a companion, and said to her,
“The café next door to The Lord Grey is looking for a waitress.  Why don’t you apply?”
He himself hadn’t found a job yet, but he wasn’t looking very hard.  His parents supported him.  He always seemed to have enough money.  And she was always short.
She got the job, to her surprise.  She wore a long sleeved shirt to the interview, so that the scars wouldn’t show.  She was worried at first that she might meet her parents there, but then she remembered that they would never visit Brunswick Street.  Her father, with his BMW 4WD tank would never demean himself by coming to somewhere as louche and counter-cultural as that.  Gays!  Immigrants!  Refugees!  Poor people!   Her father was vocal on the subjects of gays and how perverted they were. 
And that was where she’d met Keith.
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