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Tuesday, 12 February 2013


Jason’s phone buzzed.  It was Keith.  “How arya, sexy?”
“Key!  You missed a nice party.”
“Esmé an’ Oi watched Single Dads.  You knaow, that TV series.  She had the DVD.”
And afterwards, you made love, thought Jason.  “Esmé could have come to the party too, you know.”
“Yeah.”  Keith sounded doubtful.
“Yes, Key.  Yes.  She’s my friend too.”
“Key, my dear.  You know I …  she and you … you know I don’t mind, don’t you?  You were my first friend here in Australia”—he pronounced it with the long “au” the English use, which always made him sound like Prince Charles—“and she was the second.  I don’t mind, truly.”
Keith sighed.  “Sometimes it’s so complicated.”
“Yeah.  But … Key … you do know, don’t you, that … I care.”
Not, noticed Keith wryly, I love you.  “Yeah,” he said.  “Me too.  Hey, what’re ya doin’ this mornin’?”
“I dunno.  Taking Grandam and Lucasta sightseeing.”
“Whoi dontja go to the Healesville woildloife park.  Lots of kangaroos an’ stuff.”
“Why don’t you come along too?”
 “I can’t.  Gotta work.”
“Oh, shit.  All right.”
“How’s Cody?”
“OK.  Well, not really.”
“And Luigi?” 
“Seemed not too bad.  They’ve just left.”
“They stayed the night?”
“Yeah.”  Jason grinned at the mixture of indignation and shock in Keith’s voice.  “And you know what, Key, you can too.  Tonight.”
“Done and dusted.”  Jason could hear the smirk in Keith’s tone.  He couldn’t help smiling himself.

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